Blue light makes your strings disappear! Who knew?

Took Luna along to a local songwriters open mic night on Sunday. I felt I could legitimately go & play, as I’ve now composed my first two pieces – a piece called Strange (the lyrics are in my head, but not for public consumption), & Fairy Pools, inspired by a beautiful place on Skye. I kicked off with Strange which went well, & decided to add in a cover before doing Fairy Pools. I thought Trip to Sligo was a good choice, as I can play it fluently & it’s quite lively. Or not, when you’re playing in blue light, & can’t see your strings!! 😱 So I soldiered on laboriously for a verse or two & then abandoned ship, as I could feel myself grinding my teeth by then! I hadn’t realised how much I need to see those strings on a faster piece. Not to be thwarted, I took a deep breath & embarked on Fairy Pools. Really pleased with that one, & it got a good response, so alls’s well that ends well. Now to prepare for the Harp ‘n’ Gurdy Festival next weekend…

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