The cat’s in the greenhouse (there’s no harp in there!)

It’s rained so much in Cornwall since last night that we almost have a moat around our house. The cats are not impressed with the rain and prefer to be at home in the dry. However, despite the weather, one of our black cats Merlin has decided the empty greenhouse is preferable to the sound of harp practise indoors! I didn’t think it was THAT bad 😂.

I’m working hard on a several pieces at the moment, including My Heart Will Go On (theme from Titanic) & my new arrangement for Hallelujah to accompany local Rock Choir. But I’d probably better wrap up the practise now so Merlin can come in from the greenhouse… 🐾🐾


First post.. a fresh start

Having neglected my blog for quite a while, I decided it was time to start again. So here goes with a new first post!

I started learning to play the harp in 2015 at the ripe old age of 52. After a few months of renting a harp, I bought my lovely Celtic lever harp. Her name is Luna. I’ve already had some great adventures with Luna, including a fantastic day last June when I went to Abbey Road Studio’s & played harp accompaniment on a recording with Rock Choir.

What an amazing experience!

I’m still learning, but I love to play for others, and the sound of the harp seems to give people a lot of pleasure. I have lots of plans for developing & improving in 2018. This week’s challenges include polishing up Stairway to Heaven & learning Handel’s Sarabande.

Yes, I have eclectic tastes in music!